March 5, 2024


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All previous information that was on the old site is back

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All the links on the top of the page are now live. I have updated all the pages with the old information from the previous incarnation of

I will be updating with format and frequency changes as I get the info and that will include all the changes to local Washington State TV changes that came into effect recently.

Any further questions you can email me directly at

7 thoughts on “All previous information that was on the old site is back

  1. Please give the AM call listing 6 or 7 spaces in the chart rather than CK

    We like monospaced, classic typefaces

    1. I am going to keep trying to figure that out. I may have to change the layout completely as no matter what I do it posts the way it is, but when I preview it on the backend it is laid out on one row per station entry. I’ll be working on that hopefully tomorrow or Monday as well as fixing all the other content that came from the old site

  2. Thanks you for the re-launch. Would love to see continuation of the monthly write up from the great tacoma
    engineer whose name just dropped out of my head……or a referral as where he may be publishing now.

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