April 22, 2024


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Small update for readers of the site

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Over the next few days certain features will be on pause. I will be working on some stuff for later in the week and doing some work on my other websites to get those fully functional. Wayne will still be around posting some Washington state news. I’ll jump on with some really big news if I hear of it. But don’t worry. I’ll have lots coming up in a few days.

2 thoughts on “Small update for readers of the site

  1. Can you fix the layout. This site works and looks terrible. Go to a simple layout that is easy to read in correct order the stories are published.

    1. So the way the layout works on mobile is that you would see recent highlights and a trending articles section. Then all the posts in order. You can also go to a category directly if you want to view only news. Or only Washington state. Or whatever you choose.
      When I have used other themes to tryout the layout the issue becomes pictures don’t load correctly so I chose this layout. But I am trying to correct things to make it better. However it may not be able to change things completely to make it easier. I have been trying.

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