March 5, 2024


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Michelle Millman has left TV for a new job

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I know this is a little late and I do apologize for the delay, as I am still working on stuff for the site so some stuff is getting missed.

Michelle Millman has been hired by Cancer Pathways as its new CEO.

From Jason Remington at

Cancer Pathways is thrilled to announce the hiring of longtime television news anchor and Seattle area resident Michelle Millman as its new CEO.

Millman has donated countless hours helping raise awareness, encourage cancer advocacy and continuing education in our communities since first being diagnosed in 2008. She has hosted well over 100 events and helped raise millions of dollars over the years.
Millman is an example of fortitude, endurance, and unwavering devotion as a cancer campaigner.

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3 thoughts on “Michelle Millman has left TV for a new job

  1. So sad to hear the news. Morning news will not be the same without you 😞 But congratulations on your new job. I know you will give it everything you got Good Luck 🍀

  2. Congratulations, Michelle, you’ve earned all the best life has to offer you. Wishing the absolute best for You, Mike and entire family. You’ll be missed from our breakfast and lunch tables, yet forever in our hearts.


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