July 24, 2024


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103.9 The Lake Kelowna format change coming?

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As of Monday the Jim Pattison Group takes over the ownership of 103.9 The Lake Kelowna. Friday various on air staff posted that they were no longer going to be heard on the station and changes are coming.

I am unsure if it is a full on format change, or just a lineup change. Regardless my sources told me that things will be rolling out on Tuesday. It will likely be out of market hosts from Pattison stations that host on the retooled 103.9. The main question is will the format remain or will it change.

I am wondering if maybe this station will be a Now station using hosts from other Now properties, or if they will continue the format with a new name. The other option could be a Wild or JR format and they go country.

Tuesday will be the day our questions get answered.

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “103.9 The Lake Kelowna format change coming?

  1. I have been listening to this station for a very long time and absolutely raved about the fantastic music it played. Listened to it at home getting ready for work, Ilistened to it AT work, in my car and even blasted it around a firepit with friends. I had no idea there were to be any changes but as soon as I listened to it on Monday morning I immediately noticed a huge difference. New D.J’s different type of song choices have to say I’m no longer a fan and didn’t like it at all. I’ve given it until now but will unfortunately will be looking for an alternative station.

  2. When I wrote to tell them that I absolutely hate the new changes as the Lake played perfect playlists and everyone I knew listened to it so why did they make these changes? Terrible elevator 60’s tunes and only a few good 70’s songs a day as opposed to many daily. I had this station on all day and it made me happy – now I’m just miffed and tuned off it. Here is their generic reply to my email to them.

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry you’re not enjoying the new OV 103-9. While The Lake was a great station the format was not widely popular or commercially viable. It was the lowest ranked radio station in all the key demographics: 25-54, 12+ adults and 44-64. We have created – what we believe and research shows – will be a viable format to serve the 50+ demographic in Kelowna, a demographic not presently served on radio. The station features the biggest hits of the 70’s and 60s. For the first time, a Kelowna radio station will have hourly news on FM throughout the day. We’ve also added benchmark features such as a big Beatles song every 90 minutes, a request show over the noon hour, interview segments (today we featured Don Burnett a well known local gardener between 10am and 12n), Frank @ Frve (A daily Frank Sinatra song) as well as the return of mystery theatre radio shows between 10pm and midnight. Hopefully, there’s something there for you. Again, thanks for the feedback.

    Karl Johnston | General Manager

    Pattison Media

    Okanagan Division: Kelowna | Vernon

    Saskatchewan Division: Prince Albert |North Battleford /Meadow Lake | Melfort

    250.979.3351 office | 306.961.1062 mobile | karl.johnston@pattisonmedia.com

  3. I spent 20 years in the radio business and was very aware of why decisions for programming and ROI were made. Being retired; I was so surprised that a station like The Lake was even on the air. The personalities, limited commercial breaks and music was something I actually loved to listened to all day. But I didn’t think it would last because I’m part of a demographic that just doesn’t look big enough to the stats people.
    It was greaaat while it lasted! Thank you to “The Lake”…Good bye Radio.

  4. The Lake played a fabulous selection of fun & feel good tunes. It was a ‘happy’ playlist to have on all day.
    This new thing, “OV”, just another 70s radio. A matter of taste, but I never liked the dreary, drag-down mood of 70s music.
    If anyone knows of a local station comparable to The Lake, please post to everyone here.
    I won’t be listening to this bilge any more, but it would be nice to find another great station like the erstwhile Lake.

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