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Song of the day for February 6, 2024

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On this date in 1982, Kraftwerk's "The Model / Computer Love" hit number one on the UK charts, the first German act to achieve this feat. The track from their "Computer World" album, recorded between 1978-1981, spent 21 weeks in the charts. Interestingly, despite their electronic sound, Kraftwerk didn't own a computer during the recording.

Today’s song is a combined track by Kraftwerk. The Model / Computer Love.

Kraftwerk were at No.1 on the UK singles chart on this date in 1982 with ‘The Model / Computer Love’, the first German act to score a UK No.1 single. The single spent 21 weeks on the UK chart.

In May 1981 Kraftwerk released Computer World on EMI Records. It was recorded at Kling Klang Studio between 1978 and 1981. Much of this time was spent modifying the studio to make it portable so the band could take it on tour. Some of the electronic vocals on Computer World were generated using a Texas Instruments language translator. “Computer Love” was released as a single backed with the Man-Machine track “The Model”. Radio DJs were more interested in the B-side so the single was repackaged by EMI and re-released with “The Model” as the A-side. The single reached number one in the UK, making “The Model” Kraftwerk’s most successful song in that country. As a result, the Man-Machine album also became a success in the UK, peaking at number 9 in the album chart in February 1982. The band’s live set focused increasingly on song-based material, with greater use of vocals and the use of sequencing equipment for both percussion and music. In contrast to their cool and controlled image, the group used sequencers interactively, which allowed for live improvisation. Ironically, Kraftwerk did not own a computer at the time of recording Computer World.

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