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Song of the day for February 10, 2024

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Today marks the anniversary of Blur's fifth album 'Beetlebum,' releasing in 1997, featuring 'Song 2' which became a staple at sporting events in North America and Europe. Achieving success in the US, where Britpop was typically unnoticed, this album topped UK charts and excelled internationally.

Today’s song is from Blurs 5th album Beetlebum. The song is Song 2.

This song is played at pretty much all sporting events in North America and across Europe.

On this day in 1997 Blur released their eponymous fifth studio album. As well as lead single, ‘Beetlebum’, reaching the top of the UK charts the album also reached the top 20 in six other countries. The success of ‘Song 2’ led to Blur becoming the band’s most successful album in the US where the Britpop scene had been largely unsuccessful.

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