March 5, 2024


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Seattle’s Univision flips to Bellingham’s KVOS

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KVOS Bellingham, owned by Weigel Broadcasting, will switch to Univision affiliation, displacing Heroes & Icons (H&I). This rimshot signal station previously targeted a Canadian audience but now aims to reach Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria. H&I is anticipated to move to another KVOS subchannel. The change was announced by KUNS on December 27, 2023.

KUNS announced on December 27, 2023 that KVOS Bellingham will pick up the Univision affiliation. The station is owned by Weigel Broadcasting and is currently carrying Heroes & Icons (H&I) on its primary channel. It is expected H&I will move over to subchannel 12.8 on KVOS. KVOS is a rimshot signal into Seattle and has city-grade coverage to Vancouver, BC and Victoria, BC. KVOS previously targeted a primarily Canadian audience.

12 thoughts on “Seattle’s Univision flips to Bellingham’s KVOS

  1. Calmense, por favor. Heros and Icons is now on channel 12.8. Spanish-language Univision is now on channel 12.1. These are the over the air channels. The channel is interesting in a way.

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