March 5, 2024


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Cuts at KNWN Seattle/97.7 KNWN-FM Oakville WA

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Lotus Communications has reportedly cut 9 positions from 1000 KNWN (formerly KOMO) Seattle and 97.7 KNWN-FM Oakville WA.

Corwin Haeck posted on Facebook that all reporter positions were eliminated. He stated “Well, whatta ya know. Friday marks my last day as a radio news reporter. I had been planning to retire sometime in the coming months, but had not yet announced it. Instead, the station made the decision for me…by LAYING ME OFF along with every other reporter on staff! I kid you not. After 19.5 years and two ownership changes, they’ve sent me packing. Jeez…where’s my gold watch?”

Other staffers to confirm their departures include morning sports anchor Eric Heintz and editor/anchor Kathi O’Shea. Additional staffers were wiped from the station’s website including evening anchor Kelly Bleyer. Marina Rockinger, who has held multiple roles with KNWN and sister Hot AC “Star 101.5” KPLZ since 1997 including morning traffic reporter and anchor, noted she has moved to evening host at KPLZ and some things at KNWN.

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1 thought on “Cuts at KNWN Seattle/97.7 KNWN-FM Oakville WA

  1. A 2.2 rating. Why are they surprised. Once again, ALL in the biz should have Plan B ready to go at a moments notice and keep reminding yourself ‘everyone is valuable, no one is necessary’

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