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Song of the day November 1 2023

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Today's focus is on Freddie Mercury's solo song 'Living on my Own', from his 1985 album 'Mr. Bad Guy'. Chosen in honor of Movember, a men’s health awareness campaign, this ties in with Mercury topping the 2012 Metal Hammer magazine's 'Top ten rock and heavy metal moustaches…Ever' list.

Today’s song is a solo song by Queen frontman Freddie Mercury called Living on my Own. The reason I picked this song is because on November 1 2012, Metal Hammer magazine published a list of the “Top ten rock and heavy metal moustaches…Ever”. The list which included moustaches worn by the likes of Frank Zappa, all the members of Black Sabbath, (except Ozzy Osbourne). James Hetfield, and Lemmy placed Freddie Mercury at the top of the list. November is also the start of Movember the time of year where otherwise clean-shaven men around the world grow mustaches to raise awareness for men’s health issues.

Living on My Own” is a song by British singer-songwriter Freddie Mercury, originally included on his first solo album, Mr. Bad Guy (1985). It was released as a single (backed with “My Love Is Dangerous”) in September 1985 in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number 50. The July 1985 release in the United States had “She Blows Hot and Cold” as its B-side. Eight years later, in 1993, “Living on My Own” was remixed and re-released to widespread chart success. The song’s lyrics reflect Mercury’s longstanding admiration for Greta Garbo, whose quotations are featured prominently in the lyrics.

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