March 5, 2024


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Billboard releases the top 500 best pop songs of all time

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The writer acknowledges they have discovered billboards list of the 500 best pop songs ever, although they didn't recognize all of them. They invite discussion and debate about the list, particularly others' opinion on the top song. The writer also encourages revealing personal top 10s for comparison with Billboard's.

I know this is not about a radio station, but it is fitting because this list features the 500 best pop songs of all time. I took a look at the list and recognize most but there were several I did not recognize. This list may not represent peoples musical tastes, as my tastes are very limited on the list but this should make for a good conversation and debate. I would love to know what people think about the list and what people think should be number 1.

Comment your top 10 and lets see how it compares to billboards top 10

read the whole list here

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