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A comprehensive list of 75 departures from the major Seattle commercial TV stations dating back to mid summer 2019 -- some to much better jobs, some retired and some out of the business:


Mark Wright - Main Anchor now retired
Lori Matsukawa - Main Anchor now retired

Vanessa Misciagna - Reporter/ Weekend Anchor to weekend anchor at Newsy
Rebecca Stevenson - Meteorologist to KOMO
Craig Herrera -
Rhonda Lee -
Jordan Steele - Meteorologist to The Weather Channel
Jordan Wilkerson - Meteorologist/ Traffic Anchor to WTLV Jacksonville, FL
Ben Dery - Meteorologist to KARE, Minneapolis
Margaret Larson - Host New Day Northwest retired to North Carolina
Kierra Elfalon - Reporter to Boeing PR
Michael Crowe - Reporter now freelance
Michael Konopasek - Reporter to Frontier Airlines PR
Elisa Hahn - Reporter to Boeing PR
Ted Land - Reporter to Boeing PR
Glenn Farley - Reporter/ Aviation expert retired

Pete Saiers - News Director now VP/ ND KTLA Los Angeles
Russ Walker - News Director now Editor Lancaster PA Online
Laura Evans -
Matt Elias - Producer to KAPP/ KVEW Tri-Cities WA
Ruben Villaescusa - Executive Producer 

Lindsay Sieverkropp - EP at New Day Northwest to Amazon

Jennifer King - Digital Producer to Manafing Editor Seattle Refined on KOMO
Christin Ayers - Tacoma Bureau Chief & EP of Facing Race series

Jim Scott - Photographer to WTSP Tampa

Megan Murnane - Photographer to  Photographer/ Editor Seattle Refined on KOMO
Evonne Benedict - Digital Director now retired
Jim Rose - GM to KRON San Francisco GM


Elisa Jaffe - News Anchor KOMO Radio and TV, retired
Ryan Yamamoto - News Anchor to KPIX San Francisco
Nick Popham - Reporter to Tampa TV
Matt Markovich - Reporter to KCPQ
Kara Kostinich - Reporter
Jonathan Choe - Reporter to Senior Fellow with Discovery Institute's Center on Wealth and Poverty

Keith Eldridge - Reporter now retired
Abby Acone - Reporter/ Meteorologist now at KCPQ

Cole Miller - Reporter
Connie Thompson - Consumer Reporter/ Anchor now Independent Contractor
Bill Dallman - News Director now GM at KARE Minneapolis

Femi Abebefe - Sports Anchor to VSIN Betting Network, Las Vegas

Mike Ferreri - Sports Director

Steve Raible - Main Anchor retired, continuing as Seahawks voice
Dave Wagner - Evening Anchor/ Senior Investigative Reporter  to WTSP Tampa, FL
Connie Thompson - Anchor/ Reporter, retired to Independent Contractor
Essex Porter - Senior Political Reporter retired

Amy Clancy - Reporter to Director of Strategic Comms Seattle Police Dept.

Siemny Kim - Reporter
Matthew Smith - Reporter to KCPQ
Tracy Taylor - Traffic Anchor to City of Kent WA Comms Dept
John LaPorte - ND now Managing Editor Spectrum TV Milwaukee Cable
Casey McNerthney - Digital Director to Director of Comms at King County Prosecutor's Office
Claire Anderson - Meteorologist to WTTG Washington DC
Lisa Blegen - Asst. ND now ND at WJAX Jacksonville FL
Erin Newnam - Executive Producer to Asst. ND WSMV Nashville


Brandi Kruse - Anchor/ Host to Podcasting
Travis Mayfield  - Anchor to occasional fill-in Seattle radio host

Tatevik Aprikyan - Anchor/ Reporter to Newsy
Matt Lorch - Anchor continuing as Auctioneer
Alexandra Lewis - Anchor/ Reporter to KUSA Denver
Nadia Romero, Anchor/ Reporter to CNN Nat Correspondent
Ali Bradley - Reporter/ Anchor to reporting stories on Internet
Ellen Tailor - Features Reporter to Podcasting
Walter Kelley - Chief Meteorologist moved to Scottsdale AZ
MJ McDermott - Meteorologist retired
Grace Lim - Meteorologist to KNDO/ KNDU Tri Cities WA
Eric Breon - News Director
Michelle Ludtka - Producer/ Sports Anchor
Elizabeth Wang  - News Producer to RUN Studios Seattle  
Jessamyn McIntyre - Exec Producer/ WSU Sideline Reporter
Erica Hill - News Director now VP/ ND KTTV Los Angeles
Pam Pearson - General Manager