Former CKNW Investigative Reporter George Garrett's tribute to Tony Antonias:

I visited Tony last week and was unable to communicate with him. He had lost a lot of weight and looked gaunt.  He died today January 25th at age 89.  I have known and worked with Tony since 1956.  I believe he started at CKNW a year or so before that so it is safe to say “early 1950’s.”  He was enthusiastic about his job as Copy Chief, was diligent and a perfectionist.  He did indeed write the jingle for Woodward’s $1.49 day.  It was a great success for Woodward’s for many years.  Listeners found the simple jingle catchy with a little whistle and singers voicing: “$1.49 day – Woodward’s.” No doubt Woodword’s and CKNW made a lot of money out of it.  Tony told me he was paid $25.
Friends knew that Tony loved classical music.  They put a CD player by his bedside and put earphones on him. (He was very hard of hearing.)  They played music by Beethoven and Wagner, his favorites.  I was told Tony moved his arms slightly as if directing an orchestra even though he was barely conscious.  I used to see him directing announcers in doing commercials for clients like the Vancouver Symphony.  He did all their radio copy for years and was given a lifetime pass.

Tony was a unique individual.  He owned a few antique cars but never drove them, just kept them in storage.  He contributed a lot to the arts in New Westminster and was instrumental in saving the old Columbia Theatre which was converted to a cabaret.