April 22, 2024


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New Schedules on Pattison owned stations after layoffs last week

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Word out of Pattison owned stations is the new programming lineup for some of the stations is as follows.

Now Radio Vancouver will have Crash and Mars on AM, as well as Rob and Friends on the afternoons. Crash and Mars will also be on the morning show on 101.5 Today Radio. Rob and Friends will also air on Now Radio Winnipeg.

Crash and Mars originates from Now Radio Edmonton, and Rob and Friends originates from 101.5 Today Radio Calgary.

Cassey who is on air at Now Winnipeg will also be on Today Radio on weekends. Show will be voice tracked so it will be a best of show basically.

Tim Black goes to Mornings at Q Country Brandon. Zap Davids, who is one half of the QX Winnipeg afternoon show will now do middays at Q country midday in Brandon. Leanne Doty who was middays at Q Brandon is now afternoon drive show.

Still unsure of who will take over the afternoon drive at JR country Chilliwack, and also what will happen at Wild Calgary, as Matt from the afternoon show was let go, and there was a recent job posting for a morning show host in Calgary, so I suspect there will be some lineup shuffling in Calgary still.

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