July 24, 2024


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Layoffs at Pattison stations

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Today Pattison owned Now radio laid off Christy and Fraser from the morning show. Both had been with the station from launch, transferring from Pattison owned Today radio Calgary where they hosted mornings as well.

Afternoon show host Denai was also let go. Filling in for afternoons was Crash and Mars who host mornings on Now Edmonton. They also host an evening show in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Calgary. Which is just a best of the main show in Edmonton.

Word is more layoffs happened as well. Still trying to get confirmation.

Also Bo and Jess and 101.5 Today Radio were let go. Bobby May (Bo) posted on his Facebook. He had already given notice that he was leaving and was scheduled to leave next Friday. But he and his cohost were let go today.

Other layoffs happened as well Matt from Wild 95.3 Country from the drive-home show and AJ Pirhonen for the Afternoon Drive at JR FM in Chilliwack has been let go too.

Brittany Hamilton and Ray Walker at Q Country Brandon were also part of the layoffs. Rumors are more names are coming.

I have also heard that Crash and Mars will be mornings on the Now and Today network of stations (Except Toronto, which is owned by Stingray). Word is the Rob and Friends show will be the new network afternoon show host.

8 thoughts on “Layoffs at Pattison stations

  1. Another layoff looks like AJ Pirhonen for the Afternoon Drive at JR FM in Chilliwack has been let go too

  2. I saw on the 94.3 NOW! radio website that Alyssa and Luca have been taken off the hosts list so I think they have been laid off but I will update if it’s true

    1. I can confirm that Alyssa and Luca from the drive home show on 94.3 NOW! radio in Winnipeg has been let go

  3. So they laid off Alyssa and Luca. Two of the most gregarious and fun loving hosts on this station!! And replace them with someone who doesn’t know Winnipeg at all!! SHAME on them!! Not as eager to listen to this station anymore

  4. I really miss Alyssa and Luca. The afternoon show does not have the same energy now. Its a big disappointment. I wish them well.

  5. Why, oh Why would you Lay off the very best broadcaster and host at Q country 91.5 – Ray Walker and a promising runner up – Britany Hamilton only to be replaced with the worst NERD!!! Shelly is the only one worth listening to at Q country now. I guess she does get more time now because her new co-host can only work for the 3 hours until 9:00 am – then he is to hungry to work and Shelly has to finish the shift alone. I really would like to know where Ray Walker and/or Britany went to because as a fan I am really ready to change my listening preference to somewhere else. In my opinion you have made a huge mistake!!! Your ratings are sure to go way way down!!!!

  6. I have to find a new station for my evening drive. I can’t believe they let go Alyssa and Luca from 94.3. I can’t stand this British man playing jeopardy it’s so not fun!

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