March 5, 2024


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The Shift with Shane Hewitt has been cancelled

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Shane Hewitt posted a video to YouTube, stating that his late night talk show The Shift with Shane Hewitt, that aired on several Corus stations across Canada, has been cancelled. His show aired on 980 CKNW Vancouver, QR Calgary, 630 CHED Edmonton, 680 CJOB Winnipeg, 640 Toronto, 900 CHML Hamilton and 980 CFPL London, The show also aired on Stingray’s Radio NL in Kamloops.

He said in his post that he is not being replaced on the show and that stations will be airing “re-run” content in its time slot.

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10 thoughts on “The Shift with Shane Hewitt has been cancelled

  1. I can’t believe the powers that be would be so stupid to cancel such a great show. Corus would cancel this show but they continue to repeat news broadcasts that are several days old. They did it again tonight on the 10:00pm news. You are forcing me to look for another network. So sorry for all the people who had the rug pulled out from them. They felt like family……

  2. Insane move by Corus. Radio is dying thanks to decisions like this. Gonna miss the show. It was the only reason I listened, past tense, to CKNW.

  3. Cancelled your best host. Have listened to this station for over 50 years and it’s really going down hill. News on CHED and 880 is repetitive ad nauseum. Forced to listen to CBC more these days.

  4. I can’t believe you cancelled The Shift. It was the best late night show ever. I heard the replacement show for about 2 minutes and that’s all I could take. Terrible!!!

    1. Just so you know I didn’t cancel the show. The company that owns the stations that had the show are responsible for cancelling it

  5. I’m so disappointed you cancelled the shift ! When I can’t sleep I list Shane and company. This new show is awful . Bring Shane Back!!!!

  6. Such a shock The Shift was cancelled – it was by far the best late night show ever! Shane’s personality, superior intelligence, amazing communication skills, and honest and heartfelt views on every topic he shared with “his Shiftheads” is irreplaceable. Shame on Corus! You REALLY messed up when you sent that fantastic host go. You’ll never find another like him. Kathleen

  7. It was a miracle that Corus ran The Shift for so long because the late-night/overnight audience for radio is tiny compared to morning and afternoon drive. At most stations it’s less that 5% of the audience. This is why even the rightwing trucker shows here in the states do reruns in the late hours. Not even truckers are listening at 1:00am.

    Still, it was an excellent show and my reason along with the daytime shows such as Jos Johal, Simi, and Jill Bennett that I listened to CKNW. Such a break from the constant polical junk that runs down here. Unfortunately, I don’t matter to CKNW because I am not a local (though I have used Coit Cleaners and Got Junk here locally in San Francisco).

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