July 24, 2024


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Laura Geddes has left the Virgin KW and London Breakfast show

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Laura Geddes, a prominent member of the Virgin morning show since October 2019, announced her departure. Despite her exit, co-hosts Jeff and Backstage Ben will continue the program. Early in her career, Geddes worked for Southern Ontario radio stations like 91.5 The Beat and 94.5 The Bull.

Laura Geddes, who has been on the Virgin morning show in Kitchener since Since October 2019 and then the show expanded to London in May 2020, has announced she is leaving the morning show. The show will continue with her co-hosts Jeff and Backstage Ben. No word on if there will be anyone else added to the morning show currently.

Laura has been involved in radio in Southern Ontario since at least 2010 but possibly longer. She had worked mornings previously at 91.5 The Beat in Kitchener, and she had worked at 94.5 The Bull in WIngham ON as well.

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