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Song of the day for October 22 2023

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The song of the day for today is the song Daylight by Shinedown.

Today’s song is Daylight by Shinedown. I had a hard time finding a video that I could post here but I have a live version that is fairly decent. When my wife and I went to see Shinedown in Toronto at a smaller venue called History, there were a lot of people that got emotional during this performance. Shinedown singer Brent Smith describes the song as “This is about the human condition. We’ve got to live, and we’ve got to live with one another. And that should be something that is celebrated and not tolerated. That’s what ‘Daylight’ really represents. It’s our humanity. It’s an understanding that we’re all on this planet together, and we’ve got to figure out ways to take care of one another. A lot of times, it may just be asking someone ‘are you okay?’ because you could potentially save someone’s life just by asking. We can’t lose our empathy and courage towards each other, or our willingness to pick someone up if you see them on their knees, because there’s gonna be a moment in time when you need someone to pick you up”

There is also an Amazon original remake of the song that came out on October 21, 2022 just a few months after the original version came out. The original was released June 1 2022, as the second single from the bands seventh studio album. It topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in August 2022, their eighteenth song to do so.

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