Terry Moore


60+ Years On The Air


Terry’s long career in Broadcasting spans 7 decades beginning at CKUA in Edmonton in 1956. Now at the young age of 82 he is still heard regularly on CFAX 1070 in Victoria.


Here’s a brief look at his outstanding career path……


The 50’s….

1956 News at CKUA Edmonton.

1958 CKFH Toronto.

1959 CFRB Toronto.

The 60’s…

1960 CKLC Kingston.

1961 CJCA and CFRN TV Edmonton.

1961 CKSO TV Sudbury News Anchor.

1962 CFCN Calgary Morning Show.

1966 WSTC Stanford Conneticut.

1967 WTFM New York Mornings and assistant PD.

The 70’s…

1970 CKWX Vancouver.

1974 CJOR Vancouver.

The 80’s…

1980 CKNW Vancouver.


The 90’s…

1992 QR77 Calgary Morning Show and TV News Anchor.

1999 Back to CKNW Vancouver and the WIC Radio Network.

2000 till present day…

2008 CFAX in Victoria.

Throughout his long career Terry has been a Successful Talk Show Host…a Disk Jockey…a Music Director…an Assistant Program Director…a News Anchor in both TV and Radio…He has hosted morning shows…afternoon drive.

While in New York he studied acting, stage and Opera. He also played key roles in several TV series and movies including “My American Cousin” and “My American Boyfriend”.

Oh…did I mention he also found time to write a Canadian Best Seller…”Toothpaste and Peanut Butter.”

Terry is truly Mr. Versatility!!! His “God Given Timeless Voice” and “Bigger Than Life” personality make everything he does seem easy. He sounds like and has the energy of someone half his age.

Having known, admired and worked with Terry for more than 4 decades, I can tell you he has never sought industry recognition for his achievements.  However…It is my opinion that if there ever was a deserving recipient for a lifetime achievement award, Terry Moore is the guy!!!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information….of which there is plenty.


Ted Smith

Former President & CEO

WIC Radio Group

250 656-6578 or teds251@gmail.com