Larry Gifford
Brad Phillips
Fri 8/14/2015 12:00 PM
* CRVAN - Everyone;
Hey everyone -

As I explained at yesterday’s staff meeting, Larry Gifford will be here as Interim Program Director for CKNW/AM 730 starting on Monday.  (I expect he will be here Monday afternoon)

Larry has been working with us as our consultant for a couple of years now and has met many people in our building.   Here is his background for your information.

Larry Gifford
Larry Gifford, owner of Larry Gifford Media, is an international radio consultant and talent coach. He works directly with stations on branding, strategic planning, programming tactics, and leadership and works one-on-one with talent on brand development, storytelling, interviewing, performance, social media strategies and more. He has serviced clients in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Japan, Sweden, and Italy. In 2015, he was a presenter at the Radiodays Europe conference in Milan, Italy. Gifford also hosts the Radio Stuff Podcast and writes a blog at
Gifford is also the Director of Education for the Broadcasting and Sportscasting Mentoring Group based in Los Angeles. He develops online curriculum for aspiring broadcasters and former professional athletes who want to transition into radio.
Gifford has 25-years of experience on and off the air in radio. Most recently, he was the Program Director of KIRO-FM and KTTH-AM in Seattle. Prior to that he spent five years with ESPN Radio both in Los Angeles at KSPN-AM and as Program Director of the ESPN Radio Network. As an on-air talent, he’s been heard on KIRO-AM/FM, The Fox Sports Radio Network, KXTA-AM Los Angeles, WWDB-FM in Philadelphia, WBNS-AM and WTVN-AM in Columbus, OH.

He currently lives in Atascadero, CA with his wife Rebecca and 6-year-old son Henry.